I’ve loved music all my life.  My father Frank, an accomplished musician himself, encouraged me, getting me started on piano and guitar long before I started school.


Once in school I loved learning about different musical instruments and in time I learned to play piano, guitar, bass, flute, ‘cello and more.  I loved the sounds and timbre of different instruments and how they blended together in ensembles and orchestras, and it was my dream to create my own music someday.
By the time I was in Jr. High I was experimenting with old reel-to-reel tape recorders and with the then-new cassette machines.  I was soon recording different instruments and mixing them together, and by the time I was 15 had built my own simple recording studio.
I have only once been without a studio since – my wife Lori and I even moved into our second home because it had a large upstairs room we could turn into a commercial studio.  And though I have been fortunate to have recorded a variety of talented artists over the years, my primary focus has been on my own music.
In the early 2000s Lori and I began putting my recordings on CD and selling them over the Internet.  We started a small record label, Painted Heart Music and over the years we’ve released over 15 CDs.  I’ve put my all into each of these CDs but the most special are the two most recent releases, Generations and Yesterdays.


Yesterdays features my father, Frank, playing unrehearsed solo renditions of jazz standards while Generations includes 14 original jazz compositions by Frank and me and features my son Thomas – who joined us on this project when he was still 13 years old – on vibraphone.  Both CDs were recorded very late in my father’s life and I’m pleased to offer both the music and the story behind it in this section of my website.