Community Involvement

I’ve always felt a deep connection with this area, but when I became a father I realized that liking a place is not enough – I needed to become active in helping this area grow for the sake of generations to come.

My contributions have been limited by my lack of development skills and experience, as well as my responsibilities to family and work.  But I have done what I could, when I could, to help this area, including by arranging for concerts and school residencies through the Albion Area Arts Council, connecting people with the past through the Boone County Historical Society, and connecting this area to universities through my “repioneering” work, as well as a number of other activities.

I’ve been fortunate to have been able to share my interest with both students and adults not only through the arts council and historical society but by demonstrating musical instruments and giving talks at schools, scout meetings, the local library, meetings, fairs and last summer at a Native American Powwow.  Below are photos from some of these more recent presentations and activities…